Clash of Clans: 5th Anniversary event new details

Clash of Clans 5th Anniversary Event New Details

The big anniversary event for the Clash of Clans will begin with some discounted packs for players, depending on their Town Hall level.

This is the 5th anniversary of the game, since it was released globally back on August 2nd in 2012 for iOS. Moreover, Supercell is now hinting at some future special offers for the milestone anniversary of the popular game.

What Are Players Going to Get?

The first thing you will see is a Clashiversary Pack. It has various contents and value, depending on what Town Hall level you are. If you have a high-level Town Hall, you will enjoy a $19.99 offer that comprises 2500 gems, as well as a resource pack with Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. They can exceed the storage limits.

According to Supercell, these resources are worth a 5-times bonus. You can stockpile resources if you want to train some more expensive troops. Alternatively, you can save up for some more expensive upgrades.

Keep in mind that attackers can loot a big size of this gold and elixir. As such, if you play the game, you should buy some shields or use some defensive layouts for protecting the storages.

Low-level Players

The low-level players should see some cheaper packs that have lower bonus resources. The mid-level players have access to a $9.99 pack complete with 1200 gems. Moreover, you will also get a four-times resource bonus. For example, a level 5 in Town Hall receives a $4.99 pack, which consists in 500 gems and a 3-times resource bonus.

Those who have recently upgraded the Town Hall may not be able to see the Clashiversary Pack. One Reddit user could see the Inferno Tower offer only after he upgraded to Town Hall level 10. The bonus pack targets Town Hall base players.