Clash of Clans: 5th Anniversary event starts with Gem and Resource sale

Clash of Clans 5th Anniversary Event Starts With Gem and Resource Sale

Clash of Clans’ Clashiversary event for the game’s fifth anniversary begins with discounted packs for players based on Town Hall level.

The game first released globally on August 2nd, 2012 for iOS, and Supercell is hinting at future specials for the game’s milestone anniversary.

Players will see a Clashiversary Pack with different contents and value depending on their Town Hall level. Players with high-level Town Halls have a $19.99 offer that includes 2500 gems, and a resource pack with Dark Elixir, Elixir, and Gold, which can exceed storage limits. Supercell claims these resources are worth a five-times bonus over buying these resources with gems. Players can stockpile resources to train more expensive troops, or save up for expensive upgrades. However, attackers can loot a lot of this gold and elixir, so players shouldbuy shields or use defensive layouts that protect the storages.

However, lower-level players are seeing less-expensive packs with lower bonus resource multipliers. Mid-level players are seeing a $9.99 pack with 1200 gems and a four-times resource bonus. Meanwhile, a level five Town Hall gets a $4.99 pack with 500 gems and a three-times resource bonus.

Players that just upgraded their Town Hall may not see the Clashiversary Pack. Reddit user MineOwnEyesDeceive sees the Inferno Tower offer after upgrading to Town Hall level 10. This bonus pack targets Town Hall base players, as there are no bonuses for Builder Base players. The gems work in either base, but they do not come at a discount.

This is the first anniversary event live in the game, but other ones will go live soon. An Instagram ad for Clash of Clans shows Builder’s Huts in the middle of an upgrade. Leaks showed different troops taking over for the Builders as part of the Clashiversary events, so this is Supercell hinting at this feature.

Dataminers found a five-year anniversary cake in the game files. It will appear as an obstacle that costs 25,000 elixir to remove, but will award 75,000 mana. Reddit user pumpkinskittle notes that a one-gem boost may arrive soon, and the leaked files show this is the case. There are still other events from the leaks not live in the game, so players disappointed by the Clash of Clans Clashiversary Pack should wait, as there are more events coming soon.