Clash of Clans: Best cheats, tips and tricks

Best Cheats, Tips and Tricks For Clash of Clans

For those of you who never played Clash of Clans, the main goal of the game is to build a town better than everybody else’s.

The buildings can be dragged and dropped wherever you like and from those buildings you collect gold and elixir, the main resources of the game. With the gold and elixir you can buy or upgrade your buildings or you can create an army made out of various troops.

In time you have to complete single player missions in which other villages have to be destroyed. Do not worry, the village will not be permanently destroyed. You can also join a clan and make raids against other clans to earn more gold and spectacular loot.

To make your first steps easy here are 4 tips and tricks to help you.

Save Gems

Maybe the biggest problem of this kind of Free-to-Play game is that everything has some sort of timer and as you go further the time to wait gets longer. To make the time pass faster you have to use premium currency, which in the case of Clash of Clans are the gems.

So if you do not want to invest money in the game you need to save the gems for later in the game when you want to build something important. Complete as many achievements and destroy as many natural obstacles as possible to increase your gems count. As a bonus, think long and hard on what you want to spend them.

Shield up

If you are attacked and the Town Hall is destroyed or 30% of your village is destroyed you receive a shield for 12 hours or if the 90% of the town is destroyed you will receive a shield for only one hour. In that period of time you can’t be attacked by other players, so use that time to improve your village, to improve your economy, your army and also you defense.

If you attack in the time during which your village is shielded, you are going to lose it and other players can attack you right away. So be very careful of how you use that time and do not lose it at any cost.

Invest in defense

The order in which you will upgrade and build your base will vary depending on the type of game you play: if you want just to collect resources or you want to take the fight to other players. But at the beginning, you should invest and improve your defense. So upgrade the town hall, the walls and the defensive towers: first the mortar( this is the air defense so make sure that they are close to the middle and have lots of defense), second the archer towers and then the cannons.

Also, if you want, you can leave one or two mines and elixir gatherers outside the wall so that other players attack just to farm some gold and leave the town alone.

Learn the lay of the land

In Clash of Clans the core strategy mechanic is to have as many walls between the resources and the attacker as possible. In order to be sure that your defense is the best one, be sure that there are no gaps or spawnable tiles in your perimeter of the base. Structures should be as tight together as possible so that the defense structures can cover as many as possible.

Compartment your base in small pockets with the upgraded wall will slow the enemy advance and will give you a better chance to save the town hall. Also the best and the most upgraded defense towers should be closer to the town hall.