Clash of Clans: Builder Hall 6 Update, latest leaks and improvements

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 6 Update – Latest Leaks and Improvements

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games in the world due to its huge fan base that spreads all across the globe and has millions of members.

Well, for those members, here is an article on the latest Clash of Clans update, the Builder Hall 6. Although the update has been live for a while, we will discuss it in more depth and teach you how to reap the full benefits of everything that his update brings new.

New units and how to use them

As you may remember, the previous Clash of Clans update brought along an entirely new game mode, the Versus Battle. This mode allowed you to fight 1v1 battles, much like you could in Supercell’s other major mobile game, Clash Royale. Needless to say, the Builder Hall 6 update is a lot more modest in what it brings, but there is a highlight here. We’re talking about the two new units introduced by the update, of course.

These two units are the Roaster and the Night Witch. Naturally, the latter seems a lot more exciting, but we’ll also explain how the Roaster can be used and you’ll be amazed at what it can do. But first, let’s discuss everyone’s favorite, the Night Witch. The Night Witch is an amazing and fierce unit that can be used against both air and ground units. The most spectacular thing about it (visually speaking) is that it turns into a swarm of bats when critically damaged.

However, the Roaster is also exciting. It’s also useful against both air and ground units, but it’s also most effective against the Night Witch. So these two units are useful in general, but mostly when pitted against each other. How cool!