Clash of Clans: Latest update details

Clash of Clans Latest Update Details

There have been some strange events inside Clash of Clans before the 5th anniversary update. You might have noticed a few things such as the missing builder from your villages and their huts having a ‘for sale’ sign.

Now you have giants who upgrade buildings, you have a one-gem boost and so on.

We found some information on the changes from the update and also a few rumors on what’s going to happen in the future.

We’ll See builders again

Builder Huts cost gamers real money and now they are gone, making them worry. But reports show that we’re going to see a new and improved version of builders in the new update. The Builder will not be removed from the game, the huts may also become a defense building for troops to come and fight attacks.

Prepare for surprises

The developers are adding some surprises to the update with Wizard, Giant, Barbarian, and Witch all working together to do upgrades while your Builders are missing.

You’ll also get a present box for the anniversary and a lot of new and special events.

Matchmaking will be improved

Clan War will be improved regarding matchmaking. It has been officially announced by the developers on their forums, claiming that they will fix some bugs which made some fights seem unfair.

Both bases get new content

It was also officially announced that the developers are working on updating and adding new content for both bases: Town Hall bases and Builder Base.

On their official Twitter account, Clash of Clans has posted a few photos showing builder huts getting an upgrade. There is also a possibility that they will be available for sale after you don’t need them anymore, but who knows what they really have in mind?

Supercell is great at keeping it all a mystery and we should all wait a bit for the update and see on their official forums if the rumors turned out to be true or not.