Clash of Clans: October 2017 update gives Lvl. 11 Town Hall a total makeover

‘Clash of Clans’ October 2017 update gives Lvl. 11 Town Hall a total makeover

“Clash of Clans” has been one of the most successful mobile game for years now. With the title still having a lot of players and updates being rolled out every so often, there are many things users will continue to look for from it.

With the recent patch update for October, a lot of content has been added to the game.

A level 11 Town Hall now looks different, giving that more distinct look compared to a level 10 Town Hall. At level 11, this also opens up the option to level up some troops. When upgraded, the troops themselves also have some visual changes.

Valkyries can be upgraded to level 6, Golems to level 7, Bomb Tower to level 6, Air Sweeper to level 7, and walls to level 12, adding 25 more segments. Although it may take a while before players can utilize this new levels as it may take at least a 2-week upgrade time. Lastly, for the troops, the P.E.K.K.A level 6 will get a 100 more HP as well as a 10 more DPS.

Especially for the lower levels, or those generally looking for a clan, the new clan search feature has been made more organized. Depending on what use the players has for joining a clan, he may choose which clan fits his needs best. With the Clan Suggestions feature, players can filter clans depending on Clan War activity, troop donation, and others.

It will also be easier to see which clans have members from your friends list since it will be highlighted. Speaking of clans, a 35v35 and 45v45 Clan Friendly War mode has been added. You can spectate other Clan Wars as well since the slot capacity has been increased to 30 and additional 10 if via friends list.

As a game that requires a lot of communication between clan members and friends as well, the chat has also been more optimized. It now has this online indicator that will display the number of clan members or friends online.

In line with the friendly clan war battles, players do not need to wait for this to happen to test out their strategies for the actual clan war. They can simply practice those tactics with friends now that a Friendly Versus Battle mode has been implemented.

There are also some other adjustments made for the game’s A.I. Any kind of battle will only end until the attack projectile from the last unit hits the target even when that unit itself has been killed.

Although it may not happen all the time, this then influences how close games will go since it will no longer be who attacks faster; thus, killing the opposing unit faster as well. This increases the possibility of having a draw, though possibly only by a slim margin.

Lastly, improvements have also been made for troop attack position selection which makes it easier to pull off tactics and strategies.

“Clash of Clans” has been around for more than five years now. With veterans continuing to play the game, more and more content will surely be added.