Clash Of Clans: SuperCell is teasing something with this new viral video, Bye Bye Builder!

‘Clash Of Clans’ is teasing something with this new viral video, Bye Bye Builder!

Recently, Supercell has released a video teaser of this game with a weird title, Clash of Clans : Bye Bye Builder! Indeed this video is quite surprising and making us more curious about the main character of the game i.e. Builder which is about to sign off from the game.

In the gameplay, a Builder plays a role in building and construct new enterprise and within some time, someone comes down to destroy everything. But this time, things are changing. As you can see in the video teaser, Builder comes out once he finishes constructions. He carries his tool bag and put the Sale sign board outside after someone destroyed it. The video says the Builder is signing off and we don’t know where exactly he is heading. We also don’t know the actual meaning of such a brutal step.

The teaser or we can say the advertisement has already crossed 37 millions of views in a few days which shows off the actual number of its users who are keeping a keen eye on the updates of this game.

Supercell has just released an official statement on the teaser which is as follows!

“The Builder, one the most essential (and some would say, underappreciated) characters in Clash of Clans, has left the game. While Clash players are celebrating the game’s fifth anniversary this month, The Builder has decided to leave in search of a place where his creations live on for more than just a few hours.”