Clash Royale: $1 Million Crown Championship

$1 Million Clash Royale Crown Championship

Clash Royale remains one of the most played video games on mobile platforms. Today we will talk about the Crown Championship that has already started for quite a while on this game.

Supercell has made an official statement where it has confirmed that over 27.4 million players have joined the Crown Championship 20 Win Challenge, which we need to claim that it is quite impressive.

The Crown Championship tournament aims to find the best Clash Royale players in the world. The first two phases of the mentioned championship have already been completed and from 27.4 million players we are down to only 9,989.

Clash Royale Crown Championship

As expected, the top represented countries were USA and China with 1,028 and 1,140 players qualifying from each country. In addition, there were 821 players qualified from Japan, 623 from Mexico and 594 from Spain. Supercell has not mentioned how many players were qualified from other countries, but at least we know the top countries from where the most players have managed to qualify.

Today (September 5, 2017) the third phase begins and it will end on September 7, 2017. During this phase the qualified players from each region will play in a regional Elimination Week, which will once again reduce the players even further. The best players from here will compete in the regional Fall Finals that will begin on November 11, 2017 and it will end on November 12, 107.

Finally, the champions from each region will represent their region in a live-streamed World Finals that will be held in London in December 2017. The Global prize pool of the Clash Royale Crown Championship is worth more than $1 million.