Clash Royale: 5 fast facts you need to know about the World Championship

Clash Royale World Championship: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

What’s free, exciting, fits in the palm of your hand, and can score you a cool $150k? Clash Royale.

The CCG-Meets-Tower-Defense-Meets-RTS is a massive worldwide hit, with millions of global players and a strong (and growing) competitive scene. And that scene is about to get gaslit in a very big way, as the developers, Supercell, have unloaded a bevy of details on the forthcoming ‘Crown Championship’, which will see the best-of-the-best Clash Royale players compete for fame, glory, and their share of 150 thousand dollars.

1. It’s December 3rd at the Copper Box Arena in London

“On December 3rd, 2017 the best players in the world – from North America, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and more – will be making history. With over 28 million unique participants, 16 competitors remain… and only ONE can wear the Golden Crown!” states the official Clash Royale Crown Championship website.

The Copper Box Arena holds 7,500 people and has hosted Olympic handball, Wheelchair Rugby, and other indoor sports. The Copper Box is no stranger to e-sports, either hosting several gaming competitions, including the 2015 Dreamhack Counter-Strike: GO and Super Smash Bros. Melee competitions.

Supercell, the developers of Clash Royale are located in Finland, and considering the massive fanbase the game has, finding a suitable, centralized location for Clash Royale players could prove tricky.

With top players competing from all over the globe, it makes sense to have the event close to Supercell HQ, in a big city, so logistically speaking, the London location may be the easiest logistically speaking considering the audience.

2. $400,000 Is up for grabs, $150,000 to the Winner

Compared to the massive $24 million dollar prize pool for the DOTA International 2017, the prize pool for the Clash Royale Crown Championship may not seem that massive. There’s $400,000 on the line, with the winner looking to secure $150,000 of that.

But for a game that’s been around just shy of two years, it’s still a massive windfall for the winner and a massive opportunity for the best Clash Royale players to completely change their lives – and lend legitimacy to their chosen game.

Mobile eSports are gaining steam in the world of competitive gaming: The recent Mobile Masters: Las Vegas had an 80k Prize Pool across three different games, and there’s another event planned in December.

Similarly, Clash Royale-as-esport is a growing industry, and a prize pool of this size not only rewards dedicated players, but sends a big message: Mobile e-sports are for real.

…There’s also a fabulous golden crown for the winner.

3. It’s a tournament between the top 16 players in the world

Clash Royale World Championship

It started with 28 million players worldwide, all the way down to the top 16 in the entire world. That’s quite an accomplishment.

There’s been several world-wide tournaments and live events; known as the Global Series – which saw the highest ranked players compete in best-of-three matches. The Top 16 is still shaking out, so stay tuned for who those players are, and where they’re from.

You can watch the road to the Championship by checking out the numerous broadcasts from the past year by clicking here.

4. Buying a ticket lands you sweet in-game loot

Here’s a unique incentive. If you’re going to be in the London area, or plan on absconding for the tournament, buying a ticket will yield you some in-game ‘mystery’ items.

What these items are remain to be seen. However, it’s a cool incentive and one that might encourage players to come to the event; not unlike recent tie-ins with Pop Tarts and Destiny 2, Mcfarlane toys and Madden 18, and other endeavors that seek to combine real-life purchases with in-game goodies.

Recently, Madden ran a promotion where you could bet on the winners via the game, and if you attended the stream for a certain period of time, you’d be rewarded with in-game cards and players.

That said, watch this space for the reveal of what those in-game Clash Royale items will be.

5. If you can’t make It, you can absolutely stream it!

If the domain of traditional sports is broadcast television, the domain of e-sports is the world of online streaming. Twitch.TV, YouTube, these are the broadcasters of the e-sports revolution.

So, naturally, you’ll be able to stream the Clash Royale World Championship from the comfort of your couch via Twitch.TV, YouTube, and Facebook Live – if you can’t make it in person, that is.

The event begins December 3rd at 10am UTC, or 5am CST, which is…really…really early. But if you can’t stream it, you can always catch up when you wake up, as the event will be archived for long-term viewing.

Be sure to check out the videos of the events leading up to the big tournament. Not only will you be up-to-date on the competitors, you can bet your game will improve, too.