Clash Royale: Announces Fall Crown Championship and World Finals

Clash Royale Announces Fall Crown Championship and World Finals

Clash Royale’s official championship series is back with the Fall 2017 Crown Championship. There is a new open entry phase, with more regions able to participate, all leading up to the fall finals for each region and a just-announced world championship in December.

Phase One: 20-Win Crown Championship Challenge – August 16th to 20th

Players that want to enter the Crown Championship need to get 20 wins in the Crown Championship Challenge, running from August 16th to August 20th. This is similar to other challenges, where the first entry is free, and losing three times eliminates players, with additional entries costing gems.

This format replaces the previous system that used the in-game tournaments, instead simplifying things so that anybody who manages to pull off the difficult feat of going 20-2 or better in this challenge will receive the opportunity to participate.

The contest expands this season to the entire world with eight different regions, compared to the previous six regions.

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • China
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Southeast Asia (new)
  • Rest of World (new)
    • Africa
    • India
    • Australia

Clash Royale Announces Fall Crown Championship and World Finals

Players that might not have any interest in participating in the championship should still consider entering the challenge, because it comes with rewards for reaching win counts below the 20-win maximum.

  • One-time rewards:
    • Two wins: 2,500 coins
    • Five wins: Giant Chest
    • Nine wins: Magical Chest
    • 14 wins: Legendary Chest
    • 20 wins: 250,000 coins and entry into the Crown Championship
  • Prizes for every entry, increasing for every win:
    • Guaranteed prize at zero wins: 700 coins and 10 cards
    • Top prize at 20 wins: 22,000 coins and 1100 cards

Clash Royale Announces Fall Crown Championship and World Finals

Phase Two: Bracket Play – August 23rd to 28th

Everyone who accepts the invitation after winning the challenge will take place in a series of single-elimination regional bracketed tournaments. These matches are best-of-3, and the top 12 players in each region advance.

Phase Three: Elimination Week – September 5th to 7th

The top 12 in each region along with four players from the Spring 2017 finals will take part in a one-day double elimination bracket with best-of-three matches. Supercell will start broadcasting each region’s matches with Elimination Week. The top eight advance to the next phase.

Phase Four: Top Ten – September 12th to October 26th

The phase three winners and the top two players from the Spring 2017 finals will participate in a round-robin tournament, where each player plays a pair of best-of-three matches against every opponent, for a total of 18 matches. The top six players, determined by number of match wins, advances to the final phase.

Phase Five: Fall Finals – November 11th and 12th

The finals are a double-elimination tournament, with player seeding determined by match wins from phase four. These matches take place on-site at the regional Crown Championship studio, and all matches are best-of-three, with the exception of the Grand Finals being best-of-five. The winner is the Fall Champion for their region, and advances to the World Finals in December.

Clash Royale Championship Prizes

This format once again starts off with a very high bar for entry before slowly whittling down the number of participants. However, the invitational phase should make it easier for participants to join with a simpler goal compared to the tournament phase of the spring championships.