Clash Royale: To introduce brand new game modes in upcoming major update

\'Clash Royale\' to introduce brand new game modes in upcoming major update

Clash Royale, the best-selling real-time tower defense mobile game will be receiving a major update that will introduce brand new game modes, and more new cards.

During the game’s “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, the game’s development team from Supercell revealed that an upcoming update due in October will bring new game modes Quests, and another mode that was only referred to as “Something casual.”

Although very few details were spilled by the team, they did hint at what the new mode could be. “We’ve got a new game mode that is VASTLY different from all others,” the team said. “It’s our favorite 2v2 mode on the game team.”

“Clash Royale” is popular because of its non-stop, competitive gameplay that rewards players for beating other online players. However, due to its competitive nature, the game can be quite toxic and can put players under constant pressure to win.

In light of this, Supercell has been finding different ways to make the game more fun, without taking away the competitive angle. The game has introduced the two-versus-two mode to give players a respite from the constant pressure of the competitive one-versus-one mode.

Due to this, the team said that they have no plans of creating an unranked one-on-one mode, as the two-versus-two mode already fulfilled that role. In the same way, there will be no ranked two-versus-two matches.

When it comes to the game’s cards themselves, Supercell is looking expand the game by releasing one new card per month, with the next card arriving around the end of September. There were no details available yet about the upcoming cards, but they will surely create lots of interesting combs that will make the gameplay more tactical.

Lastly, the game designers are putting together a new arena for the game. Long-time players will be excited about this new arena as it will be a welcome change of scenery.