Clash Royale: Tips to defeat your opponent

Clash Royale Tips to Defeat Your Opponent

Clash Royale is a tower defense strategy game that has been developed by Supercell. The game comes with cards, which can be used to spawn troops that will engage your enemies and try to take out the two towers and the main base of your opponent.

Today we will give you some tips and tricks on how you can easily defeat your opponent while playing this popular game. However, before we begin, we need to talk a bit about the game’s essentials.

As we’ve told you above, Clash Royale is a tower defense strategy game, where you will have to destroy at least one opponent’s tower to win the game. This can be done by using the cards from your deck, which are unlocked by opening treasure chests that you get along the way.

Keep in mind that cards come with different weaknesses and strengths, which you should learn in order to effectively use them. From chests you can get common, rare, epic or legendary cards. As expected, the weakest cards are the commons ones, while the legendary cards are the most important ones, which are also very rare.

Some cards are used to defend while others are used to attack and this is the reason why you should learn the cards very well. This way, you will know when it is best to use them and where. The decks are formed from 8 cards that you have unlocked. Using these cards require resource, which in this game is called “elixir.” In other words, once you have enough elixir for a card, you will be able to use it.

Choosing The Cards Wisely

It is very important to wisely choose the cards for your deck. You will need to have a mixed type of cards, some offensive and some defensive, so that you can also attend to destroy your foe’s base, but at the same time to be able to defend yours. You will also need to upgrade the cards to improve their stats.

Learning The Cards

There are over 70 cards in Clash Royale and you can’t just pick any to attack or defend your base. You will need to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of any card that you are about to use in your deck. For example, if you will use a skeleton army to stop Valkyrie, you will just waste your elixir for nothing.

HINT: Find out the cards that are suited to your play style and try to level them up as soon as possible.

Elixir advantage

The cards cost elixir, which takes time to generate. In a normal game it takes 2.8 seconds for 1 elixir to generate and 1.4 seconds during the last 60 seconds of the game. In other words, when your opponent is placing a card, you will need to try to use a low-elixir card to counter it. This way, you will save elixir, which you could use to either attack your opponent or defend your base from a powerful troop.

Placing Troops

This might sound silly, but it is very important where you are placing your cards (troops). Most of the new players will start placing troops right in front of their tower, which is not a very good. Instead, you can use the “pull” strategy by putting your troops to the center so that both your towers can assist you in killing the enemy troops.