Hearthstone: Frozen Throne Epic Minion Nerubian Unraveler

Hearthstone Reveals Frozen Throne Epic Minion Nerubian Unraveler

Reynad and Eloise from Tempo Storm unveiled a new Epic neutral minion card, Nerubian Unraveler.

This is the latest of several July 25th reveals for cards from Knights of the Frozen Throne, with this card bringing Loatheb-style spell cost effects back into Standard. The card’s stats:

  • Six mana
  • Five Attack / Five Health
  • Ability: All spells cost two additional mana.

Nerubian Unraveler raises the spell cost for both players while the minion is alive, making this card ideal against opponents that use spell-heavy decks. Playing this in turn six, and buffing it up to protect it from harm will let it wreak havoc on opponents’ strategies.

Nerubian Unraveler has strong potential in Arena mode. As of February 2017, spells appear more often in the draft. Players that find this card early can prep their deck to have few spells, though this does limit the number of draft choices when a spell card appears. Once Nerubian Unraveler is on the board, players relying on powerful high-mana spells to help them win suddenly have a massive hindrance to their plan.

This card could signify a major change to the Hearthstone meta, as its ability has adverse effects on the popular late-game Jade Druid deck. Raising the cost of the Jade spells makes it more difficult for users of this deck to summon the Jade Golems that get stronger with each one they play.

Nerubian Unraveler has synergy with Prince Taladram, a neutral minion Legendary in Frozen Throne. Playing both at once at a cost of nine mana (and no other three-mana cards in the deck) will raise all spells by four mana, while having a five/five and three/three minion on the board.

Handbuff Paladin decks could make use of Nerubian Unraveler because they avoid using spells, so there’s virtually no drawback in play. People who stick to Wild could see some usage of this in decks such as Dragon Priest, though Loatheb, a card with a comparable effect on spells, is already exclusive to Wild.

The initial player reaction to Nerubian Unraveler is far less skeptical than some of the Frozen Throne reveals from earlier on July 25th. This card has a simpler effect, similar to ones in the game already, for players to theorize how they might use it. There are still dozens of cards in the new expansion for Blizzard to reveal, and future cards are sure to reveal potential synergies and counters for previous cards.