Hearthstone: Next Frozen Throne Legendary is Prince Taladram

Hearthstone\'s Next Frozen Throne Legendary is Prince Taladram

Hearthstone’s next Legendary neutral minion in Knights of the Frozen Throne is Prince Taladram. This is the latest Legendary reveal after Lana’Thel earlier on July 25th.

This card has the following stats:

  • Three Mana
  • Three Attack / Three Damage
  • Battlecry: If the player’s deck has no three-mana cards, transform into a 3/3 copy of a minion with their effects.
[CARD REVEAL] Our friends over at @Hearthpwn just revealed the next legendary! https://t.co/uyin3MvwP1#FrozenThronepic.twitter.com/pkOAufB5bx

— Hearthstone (@PlayHearthstone) July 25, 2017

That Battlecry can copy the effects of any minion on the board. The official reveal at Hearthpwn suggests pairing Prince Taladram with Malygos, a late-game Leeroy Jenkins, or Prophet Velen. This card can double any other useful effects from minions, neutralize an opponent’s bonus, or serve as an insurance policy for a near-dead minion’s ability. The drawback is that this effect only works if Taladram is the only three-mana card in the entire deck.

Hearthpwn mod had to clarify with Blizzard that the card works like Faceless Manipulator, in that it can only copy currently-played minions, and not any minion from the deck. Prince Taladram’s lesser cost gives him some utility, but that three-mana card restriction is potentially painful.

Prince Taladram comes over from the WoW Trading Card Game in the Ice Crown Citadel Raid. His Hearthstone card shares an effect with Frozen Throne’s Prince Keleseth, who gives all minions in a deck plus-one to attack and health if there are no other two-mana cards in the deck.

The initial reaction to this card from the community is confusion as to its utility. Prince Taladram is most useful in conjunction with minions with good abilities on the board. However, Reddit user wwleaf believes that this card’s power doesn’t make sense with the current set of cards Blizzard has revealed. Another Redditor suggests that Faceless Manipulator has its combos, so with the reduced mana cost, Prince Taladram will have his uses. At worst, this might be a good card to convert into dust.

The staggered card reveals have the drawback that a card can get a negative reputation before Blizzard reveals other cards with useful synergies. This is the second Legendary reveal from Frozen Throne that has provoked such a reaction. However, those planning for Knights of the Frozen Throne should keep an open mind, because some players may write off cards that have uses in the new meta with other cards that the developer hasn’t revealed.