Pokémon GO: How the last update made Unown medal easier to catch and complete

How this Pokemon GO update makes Unown medal easier to catch and complete

News in the latest Pokémon GO update includes a change in the way the most mysterious Unown is shown in the game.

The first step in making this update appear is to capture an Unown – for that, there is no simple solution outside of cheating. For those that are the sort of people who’ve given up on all other methods of capturing Pokémon like Unown, there’s always hacking – but I hope those folks don’t come running when the ban hammer hits again. And it’s coming, again and again, we can be sure.

For everyone else, there’s good news for the finding of Unown in Pokemon GO’s standard environment. The first Unown must be found the regular way – good ol’ luck. There’s no particular place where Unown is more likely to spawn, and no place where Unown can’t spawn. That is to say nowhere outside the middle of nowhere where no Pokémon spawn.

Once the first Unown is caught, the Pokémon tracker adjusts a bit. Each time a new Unown appears on the tracker, it’s once again blotted out, like we’re playing Who’s That Pokémon watching the original Pokemon TV series all over again. When the first Unown were released, the tracker seemed to have a tough time deciding whether one Unown was the same as the other, or they were all the same Pokémon, or if they needed to show up at all.

Several days ago a Reddit user by the name of SheevDidNothingWrong posted about finding the Unown silhouette. This is the first time we’ve seen the happening in the wild. Code previously suggested that this would happen, but proof on anything Unown is hard to come by. They’re pretty rare, after all.

How this Pokemon GO update makes Unown medal easier to catch and complete

Above you’ll see how Unown are listed in the Pokedex once more than one letter is attained. The most iconic Unown character – G – is used as the placeholder for the whole bunch in the PokéDex. Once more than one Unown is attained, the moving avatar of each letter appears when each individual letter is tapped in the PokéDex entry.

As far as we know, the vast majority of Unown are indeed in the game. For now, every letter of the standard Roman alphabet is in Pokémon GO, able to be caught in the wild. That means 26 letters – A through Z – are in the game. With the release of Gen 3, we’ll also see the question mark and the exclamation mark.