Pokémon GO: Nearby list and spawns disappearing without timing out?

Nearby list and spawns disappearing without timing out?

Recently players have been complaining about the nearby list going completely blank without being replaced by sightings or the text indicating no spawns in range. This can happen right after the app opens or after it has been open for some time.

It seems like this has been going on for a few months for some regions, though others seem to be effected after the recent update that happened 3/21/17

Starting today, I’ve also noticed that Pokemon will spawn on the screen and then disappear after I close the app. This happened both on lures and a normal spawn. I closed the app and reopened it to check if the spawn has simply timed out, and they appeared again and then immediately disappeared again.
Any suggestions or other experiences for this issue? I’m playing on an Android device.

If this is happening on lures should players be refunded a lure considering time has been wasted on these items only unlocked through shop or level achievement? Some players have lost out on 20+ minutes of lure time which is short 10 minutes of an entire lure session. This may seem unfair for those who are running low on lures or have actually bought them. Let us know what you think in the comment section.