Nintendo: The company is working on a new Pokémon game for Switch, to arrive in 2018

Nintendo stock is worth more now than it was during the Pokémon GO launch

Nintendo is developing a new version of its famous RPG Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch.

The new game is still in the early stages and is not expected to debut anytime soon. There is presently no name to the game either and it is only known that GameFreak is working on designing the new offering. Rumors are suggesting that the new game will be titled Pokémon Stars keeping in line with the latest Pokémon series launch.

The announcement for the new game was made by President and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara during Nintendo’s E3 2017 conference. He also confirmed that the phone will not be arriving for another year, pushing the speculated launch to the second half of 2018. Nintendo unveiled the hybrid Nintendo Switch last year and fans have since been demanding a Pokémon game for the new console. Many feel the move comes at the right time since Nintendo unveiled the Pokémon Sun and Moon game last year for the Nintendo DS (Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon might be coming later this year).

There are a host of Pokémon games in the lineup for Nintendo Pokémon fans. Apart from the Sun and Moon series, there is also the Pokken Tournament DX arriving later this year. The game was unveiled only last week and brings a lot of new Pokémons and modes to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo recently announced its plan to focus more on smartphone games and launch newer games in the coming days. The success of Pokémon GO has led the company to design and to work on creating more games based on the AR platform. While Pokémon makers had not anticipated such a strong response while initially unveiling the game, the popularity soared soon after launch and the game has become a phenomena.