Pokémon: 4 Things we want in a Pokémon Nintendo Switch game!

Nintendo Switch Supports Unreal Engine 4

We all know that sooner or later they will release a Pokémon Nintendo Switch game so we made a list of features that would make the future game even better.

1. Open World (Like DBZ Xenoverse)

We would love for trainers to be able to interact with Pokémon and other trainers similar to Xenoverse, just in a more fashionable Pokémon sort of way. The best way to do this would be having trainers go through Pokémon cities or wilderness, seeing a live player and asking them to battle or trade Pokémon. If they decline we make our way towards our destination in hopes of finding more Pokémon to catch and battle gyms with!

2. Live Gym feature (like Pokémon GO or better)

There should be interactive gyms that are able to be conquered for extra badges. Though it would be hard to find when the player is actually online to battle, this idea would be great if we could battle gym leaders and get custom gym badges from them as we defeat them. One way to do this is offering players the choice to take over the gym or leave it in the hands of a CPU as we take our badge and head to the next gym. Though this would be difficult to find a proper way to do this without scheduling fights between the challenger and gym leader. We’re sure Nintendo can come up with something like a leaderboard that only shows your gym on a list if you’re online

3. Multiplayer minigames!

Games similar to the fashion contest in hand-held Pokémon games would be amazing for a switch game as the Nintendo Switch is capable of handling mini game features as it’s portable. Tons of players could have Minigames together similar to the current Sun and Moon minigames! Maybe they could have a live Safari Zone for trainers to enjoy together.

4. Pokémon Snap/Pokémon in the Overworld

Imagine if Pokémon were interactive with their environment, a place where we can see them picking berries from trees or even playing with other Pokémon around them. This would allow us to snap pictures of them interacting with each other, where they could have a NPC waiting to judge our photos while possibly even having a photo contest with other live players in a Safari Zone. Generally i’m sure tons of players would love to snap photos of their favorite Pokemon all across the Pokémon world.