Pokémon: 7 Pokémon impossible to catch without a walkthrough!

Trainers, today we won’t focus just in Pokémon GO. This is a list of Pokémon of all the series which you will need a guide or a walkthrough to get them. Let’s get started.


These 3 Pokémon from the third generation (Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby) are apart of the puzzled features in the hand-held games that require a guide to catch.


Once you receive Tyrogue in the Gold and Silver series, you have the option of evolving into 3 different Pokémon. Though the game doesn’t mention how, with walkthroughs you’ll fin you need to monitor the stats of Tyrogue to obtain Hitmontop. If its attack stat is higher than its defense, Tyrogue will evolve into Hitmonlee. If its defense is higher than its attack, it’ll evolve into Hitmonchan. If both stats are completely balanced, it’ll evolve into Hitmontop.


Released in Pokémon X&Y, Pancham will evolve once it hits level 32, but will only do so depending on the other Pokémon in the player’s party. If the player has a dark-type Pokémon in their team, then Pancham will evolve without a problem. Without a dark type teammate, however, this particular Pokémon simply will not evolve, no matter what level it gets to.


Introduced in Diamond and Pearl, Weavile requires that the player levels up a Sneasel to any level, while holding a Razor Claw. In addition to this, it has to be night time, meaning that if the player tries this at any other time of day, the evolution won’t take place.


Introduced in Diamond and Pearl, Mamoswine is another Pokemon that is hard to obtain without a walkthrough as you need to know exactly how to achieve this evolution which in order to trigger Piloswine’s evolution, the Pokémon has to level up while knowing the move Ancient Power.



Introduced in Pokémon X&Y, Goomy, Sligoo, and Goodra, Dragon type Pokémon with an affinity for water. Sligoo will only evolve into Goodra if it’s raining when the Pokémon levels up. This means that, instead of simply battling the Elite Four endlessly, the player has to go out and find a rainy patch of ground to finish off the evolution.


Pokémon Ranger on the DS has a secret mission called “Rescue the Egg” that can only be found if the player performs a series of seemingly random button presses, and enters a twelve digit code. Playing through the mission will unlock a secret egg that can be transferred to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, but only if you have a second DS to enable the transfer. This egg will hatch into Manaphy, Manaphy will have to breed with a Ditto to produce another egg, which will then hatch into a Phione.