Pokémon: 8 Crazy fan theories that would change everything

Hello, today we bring something a little bit different. This post will be about fan theories that if they were truth, it would change some aspects of the game as we know it.

8. The construction site in vermilion city was supposed to be a hotel

Redditor DeftTouchSebastian shared his theory on Reddit two years ago and gave a pretty compelling case as to why the old man you meet in the northeastern part of the city is preparing his land for construction of a hotel as the city of vermilion is a hotspot for trainers.

7. The PokéDex is filled with lies

YouTuber Death Mountaineers takes crazy fan theories to the next level with his bold statement that the PokéDex, your go-to encyclopedia created by Professor Oak that provides information to Trainers is full of lies! If you got some spare time just watch this video.

6. Gengar is Clefable’s shadow

Theorists have also pointed out, that due to their immunity, neither Pokémon would be able to hit the other with STAB attacks since they’d both be immune to each other which gives greater weight to the theory when you think of how impossible it is to hit your own shadow.

5. N is really a Pokémon

It’s believe that N, a character that appears in Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 as the leader of Team Plasma, is not human and is in fact a Pokémon, Zoroark, casting an illusion. With Zoroark’s known to appear as humans in the Black and White games and N sharing similarities structurally with this particular Pokémon, it is a possibility that N’s motivations to separate humans from their Pokémon could in fact be the desire of a Zoroark.

4. Voltorb is really a PokéBall possessed by Haunter

Pokeboard.com User Dark Aura had this to say in the Pokémon Theories thread; “Have you ever noticed Haunter’s eyes and Voltorb’s eyes are the same? The theory is that Haunter possessed a PokéBall, but couldn’t escape (Which is why the bottom is gone from the PokéBall when it’s a “Voltorb”). It constantly explodes because its frustrated because it can’t get out.”

3. Ash is in a coma

Ash is struck by lightning in the first Pokémon episode he actually falls into a coma, where he then lives out his dream of being a Pokémon master. But if you think about it, this theory if proved true would explain why Ash ages very little over the course of the series.

Everyone he meets on his journey represent aspects of himself that he has to over come before he can wake up, and as believers of this theory state: the reason Ash never truly becomes master is because if he did, he would wake up from his coma. Check out this video by ChannelFrederator.

2. Ash died and was cloned

It sounds a bit weird, but to fans that believe Ash in fact died. This theory led to fans believing his upset mother cloned him. Still, there’s a large number of Pokémon theorists that believe this is why Ash is perpetually the same age throughout the series, why Pikachu feels loyalty for Ash after Ash died protecting him, and why Ash has a tendency to forget his past – due to clones only lasting a year before being destroyed and recloned. Check out this video by Mr.Buddy on the matter.

1. The Pokémon War

Many Pokemon fans are aware of the Pokémon War theory which suggests that the lack of adults you encounter in the Red, Green and Blue games may have something to do with a war that takes place in the Kanto region. Lt. Surge, the gym leader in Vermilion City, adds further credibility to the theory when he says; “I tell you what kid, electric Pokèmon saved me during the war!”