Pokémon: This is an awkward Pikachu USB cable

This Is An Awkward Pikachu USB Cable

We’ve seen some ill-conceived Pokémonthemed products over the years, such as lingerie inspired by the game or the entire line of Pokémon butt keychains, but this Pikachu USB charger has to be one of the absolute worst.

When mulling over Pokémon products, it is only natural to think everyone’s favorite electric mouse, Pikachu, would make for an adorable charger. It certainly sounds like a good idea. But, now that it exists, we really wish it didn’t.

Straight from China’s Octinn, this PVC Pikachu has removable ears that double as plugs for electrical sockets. Once the little critter is mercilessly shoved into an available outlet, his tiny body becomes the electrical conduit while his posterior becomes the plug. One can make jokes, but in the company’s defense, however, there aren’t any places on Pikachu to put a plug that wouldn’t be at least a little odd — and, hey, at least it’s not his front.

This Is An Awkward Pikachu USB Cable

Aside from looking incredibly awkward — and uncomfortable for poor Pikachu — it’s also a bad message to be sending kids. Encouraging children to stick anything that looks like a toy into an electrical outlet is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, this product doesn’t appear to be officially licensed by The Pokémon Company, due to the lack of copyright notices.