Pokémon: Don’t fall for this Nintendo Switch Pokémon Stars scam

Don’t Fall for This Nintendo Switch Pokemon Stars Scam

Over the last few months, rumors have been mounting that Pokémon Sun and Moon would come to the Nintendo Switch as Pokémon Stars.

Nintendo has not officially announced the title, but scammers seem to be targeting enthusiastic fans anyway.

Earlier today on social media, a curious listing from Amazon began to do the rounds. The UK version of the retailer currently lists a game called Pokémon Stars for Nintendo Switch. Not only does it not feature any prospective box-art for the game, but it is also priced at £70 which is far more than the UK going rate for Nintendo Switch games (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild costs less than £50). If that was not suspicious enough, then the release date of January 1, 2030 should be a red flag all by itself.

Despite being a bogus listing, the offer now sits at #87 on the Amazon bestsellers list for PC and video games. Hopefully Amazon will remove it sooner rather than later and the retailer may be able to help in getting a refund. Unfortunately, though, it seems likely that similar listings from other retailers (such as eBay) will begin to pop up and it’s important that fans and would-be Pokémon Stars buyers keep their wits about them.

This poor attempt at scamming fans is a signal, if anything that the newly announced Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch from Game Freak cannot come soon enough. It’s unclear whether that game will eventually be called Pokémon Stars and whether it will be connected to Pokémon Sun and Moon at all, but fans will be so eagerly waiting for more details in the meantime that they could well fall for something like this.

Those who aren’t up to date on Pokémon news, or want to buy the game for the Switch may see a listing like that and get confused too. An official name would help clear things up so that fans and prospective buyers at least know what to search for and Nintendo could at least stake its flag in the sand and make official listings for its named title.