Pokémon: GAMEFREAK talks about why Pokémon say their names aloud


GAMEFREAK Talks About Why Pokémon Say Their Names Aloud

Recently a founding member of GAMEFREAK had an interview over at Game Informer where they spoke on why Pokémon say their names aloud.

Many other questions were also answered at the interview which big questions like ‘who created team rocket?’ lead to them being asked just how these Pokémon came to saying their names.

Junichi Masuda was the representative of GAMEFREAK who answered the question with “They actually had Pikachu’s voice actress, Ms. Ikue Ōtani, do a take on the voice and they showed us a clip of it and we listened to the sound of it saying its name over and over in a really cute way. We weren’t really sure about it, but it worked out.”

Junichi Masuda later admitted that it was originally the company OLM Inc that suggested Pokémon say their names. OLM seemed to play a huge part in the creation of Pokémon as they also suggested Team Rocket, Jessie, James and more features in the Pokémon world.

Many fans around the Pokémon world are huge fans of Team Rocket, which seems to be the most favored villains out of the entire series, even with new villains being added like Team Magma.