Pokémon GO: 10 Things that they should definitely sell but they do not (2/2)

6. Evolution items

We give up. We have not gotten A SINGLE evolution item from a random PokéStop since they were introduced months ago. Yes, we know that you can get them from weekly streaks now as a guarantee, but again, those are not always easy to maintain, and so far, we’ve gotten a bunch of unneeded duplicates.

At a certain point, just take our damn money. Here’s $5 so we can get a Metal Coat and use some of my 180 Scyther candy to evolve him at last. Maybe this one is born out of frustration, but we really can’t take the current system anymore, and we are willing to pay to make it less terrible.

7. Team changes

Some games sell name changes, we think Pokémon GO could sell team changes. Depending on your area, or your friends that play the game, maybe the team you picked at the spur of the moment when you first started is no longer one you want to be a part of.

Enter the ability to pay for team changes. Making this a paid feature would keep people from jumping from team to team depending on which way the wind was blowing near them, and it’s something players have been requesting for a while. Maybe the first one’s free, and you have to pay for future switches after that.

8. Preset Poke-Loadouts

Pokémon GO has desperately needed a way for players to organize a “go-to” team for gym battling for ages now, as right now the game just throws six high-ish CP Pokémon in your slots and hopes you don’t mind their assortment.

We definitely think that players should be given one or two free “team” slots in which they can arrange six Pokémon of their choosing to fight. But we also think that if this system was to exist, you could charge more advanced players money for four, five, six+ slots if they wanted to make a ton of different teams for every possible battle situation.

9. Pokémon cosmetics

This one would be a bit of a tricky category, as it would probably only be a few select Pokémon, and you wouldn’t want to sell stuff that was so drastic it would outshine shinies.

But we think there could be a market here for say, selling additional Pikachu hats, or selling Squirtle sunglasses, or things like that. It would be a pretty simple addition to the cosmetic store, and you’d just need some new “equip” mechanic to add whatever you bought to your Pokémon. Just a bit of extra personalization that some fans would definitely pay for.

10. Berries

This is the most simple item on the list, but we think it’s important. It’s something that would help out rural players who have to balance the items they get from their few PokéStops. You can buy balls if you’re missing those, but berries? You’re out of luck, even though they’re pretty key for the whole catching process.

We understand not selling potions or revives in the store, as that could be seen as buying gym power, but we see no reason why berries couldn’t be sold in bundles in the store like PokéBalls are. Many players will have more than enough berries and little reason to buy them, but this is a move that we think could help out those with access to few PokéStops for natural item drops.

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