Pokémon GO: With 110 PokéStops, is this the best place to play the game in the world?

With 110 Poke Stops, is this the best place to play Pokemon GO in the world?

According to someone on Reddit by the name of MCKaleb01, Victory Memorial Parkway has over 110 PokéStops to visit.

The park, located near on the border of Robbinsdale in north Minneapolis’ Camden neighborhood, is a stop on the Grand Rounds trail circuit, and offers gorgeous views, a lake, a war memorial, a walking path, and a variety of statues.

With over 100 PokéStops to access during a visit which most locals say are filled with all sorts of Pokémon. Most reviews claim that a’lot of these stops are filled with commons and the occasional rare. Though we’re unsure if this is really the best place to play in the world as some places like California’s Disney Land offer a great time with tons of PokéStops aswell.

Though this is an area filled with some gyms to conquer and have some extremely good XP opportunities, we’d have to say a strip like this would probably be better during double XP events.