Pokémon GO: 5 Tips I wish I knew when at the begining

5 Tips I wish I knew when starting Pokemon GO!

There are tons of trainers out there who wish they knew some extra tips when starting Pokémon GO.

Some trainers have started from a disadvantage by not knowing anything about the game! Here’s 5 tips to help those new trainers not make the same mistake most of us did!

#5 Starter Pokémon DO NOT matter

At the beginning of the game, tons of trainers had a rough time leveling up their starter Pokémon only to have them spawn later on. Thus creating a cycle of time wasted when training these low CP, worthless Pokémon wondering why you can’t fight any gyms with them. If you’re starting, it’s cool to wait for your starter Pokémon so you can get that Pikachu option, though I’d highly recommend picking one and moving on until you find that same starter Pokémon at a higher level with much stronger stats to train with. Besides, Niantic will probably host another start Pokémon global event once again to help us evolve them quicker.

#4 Catch every Pidgey, Rattata and Weedle

When Niantic hosts double XP events we encourage every trainer to use these common Pokémon with a lucky egg to grow XP faster. You can transfer all of these Pidgey, Rattata and Weedle in order to mass level up by evolving them over and over during these double xp events. If you’re a new trainer, these events will help you gain massive experience points with minimal time wasted.

#3 Stay away from gyms unless you’re training

Tons of players just want to battle their Pokémon like the hand-held games that came out before Pokémon GO. Sadly, these gyms are usually all taken and defended by higher level trainers with higher level Pokémon. You should only go to allied gyms to train if they’ve placed a low CP Pokémon in there to train with. Otherwise, leave this feature alone until you can actually battle as you’ll waste potions and revives.

#2 Save your PokéBalls for events

It’s good to catch as many Pokémon as possible if you’re an avid trainer as you’ll be receiving tons of balls from PokéStops regardless. Though if you’re a rural trainer, you may want to save your balls for spawn events that way you can have a better chance at getting far superior Pokémon. The best way to do this is to catch what Pokémon you can, and save at’least 30+ PokéBalls for events.

#1 Pay attention to updates

As most trainers miss much needed events due to this, you should always anticipate new updates in order to get a hint on future global events that are coming our way. With an early tip you can prepare for these events beforehand and minimize the time wasted preparing while the events are already out. Global events usually happen on holidays, though some have come at random so be sure to pay attention to these updates.