Pokemon GO: Ability list

New Water Type Pokemon Coming

Abilities were introduced into Generation 3 handheld Pokémon games. Players of Pokémon GO are hoping that Niantic will decide to include this.

A Pokémon Ability can affect a lot about a Pokémon, these affects can help you deal more damage, take less and even reduce it entirely.

Suggested by Reddit User by the name of Frocharocha, Pokémon Abilities can have effects outside of Pokémon battling in Pokemon GO. This short Pokémon GO Ability list image was made by Frocharocha.

These Ability Types are Split into 3 different categories.
  • Battling Abilities
  • Buddy Abilities
  • Raid Abilities

Battling Pokémon GO Abilities

These are the obvious Pokémon GO Abilities, such Increased damage with Grass Type Moves from “Overgrow“. While on the other side of the spectrum there is “Battle Armor” where you could protect yourself from critical strikes. These would be the most important to balance if Niantic wanted to bring them into the Pokemon GO world.

Buddy Pokémon GO Abilities

This would be a nice feature to make the buddy system bit more interesting. One of my personal favorite that does not have to do with gathering items is the “Analytic” which allows players Buddy to sense Rare nearby Pokémon. The “Natural Cure” would be nice for players who want other option for healing Pokémon since we have no idea how it will be before Poke Centers.

Raid Pokémon GO Abilities

I imagine these will the same balancing care as the battling Abilities since most of these stacked up would make a Raid Boss Extremely Weak. On the flip side, you would be a very valuable player if you had the Pokemon GO Ability Type players might be looking for their raid battles.