Pokémon GO: Annoying feature for lapsed players

Pokemon GO Adds Annoying Feature for Lapsed Players

Niantic has introduced a new feature to get people playing the game again. However, some fear that the update could end up being annoying for casual  players who don’t play the game every day.

Niantic has now begun to use push notifications to encourage lapsed Pokémon GO players to pick up the game again. Example push notifications that have hit players’ devices include reminding them that they are “halfway” to leveling up in the game and telling them that they can “join millions of Pokémon GO trainers levelling up this week.”

Niantic has previously used notifications to remind players about events and so it seems likely that players will also be hit with a reminder for the upcoming Rock-type event this week, in addition to the message encouraging people to level up.

Pokemon GO Adds Annoying Feature for Lapsed Players

As the notifications are being shown to all players, including those who play the game regularly, the use of the feature could quickly get annoying. While many would agree that notifications for major updates to the game, including the rumored upcoming Pokémon GO PvP update and the addition of Legendary Pokémon are fair, Pokémon GO gets plenty of updates and hosts plenty of events in between that. If the developer is to remind players, engaged and lapsed alike, of everything going on with the game and their leveling progress, it could drive players to disable notifications and lead them to forget about the game altogether.

That is most definitely not what Niantic is aiming to do as some have already speculated that it has begun using push notifications to address the game’s usage woes. The mobile game may still be one of the most popular titles out there, but Pokémon GO‘s daily user numbers have dropped dramatically since the game released last summer as an insta-hit that caused stampedes in public places.

There’s currently nothing to suggest that Pokémon GO is on its way out but it’s certainly a ways away from its peak levels. So Niantic could be counting on bored players and those who have let the game go to improve its numbers and get the game earning millions of dollars a day once more.