Pokémon GO: Best electric Pokémon (Gen 1 and 2)

Best Electric Pokemon (Gen 1 and 2)

Pokémon GO updated to a newer version with not so newer features, although there’s so much thing hidden under the code that indicates the most recent and upcoming feature would Co-Op feature and Gym revoke.

Before this Co-Op feature hits the game its time to do some cleaning up of Pokémon. The best ELECTRIC types in Pokémon GO are easy to figure out, as there is honestly not a lot of them. The only electric type worth mentioning are:

  1. Ampharos
  2. Lanturn
  3. Jolteon

In the same order. Evidently, Ampharos is the best electric type in terms of stats, Combat Power and utility. However, Lanturn is such a beast for training and attacking that it’s higher than Jolteon on our list. Jolteon is the good old glass cannon we all know and hate.The rest is plainly… awful.

Pokémons like Electabuzz, Raichu, Magneton or Electrode are nothing but PokéDex fillers. As far as Generation 3 additions go, nothing will change a lot, just Manectric, Electrike, Plusle and Minun are getting added. All four of them are low tier and weak.