Pokémon GO: Best movesets against Mewtwo

Pokémon GO players are currently locked in a debate about whether exclusive raids are a good or bad thing, but either way, Mewtwo is still coming.

When the super rare creature arrives in the invite only Battle Raids, Pokémon GO players who have secured an invitation will want to make sure they have a strong roster ready for battle.

We’ve already outlined Mewtwo’s weaknesses and pointed out some of the best Pokémon to power up before facing off against him, but now it’s time to dig a little deeper. As any Pokémon fan knows, winning the battle isn’t just about having the right fighter, it’s also about having the right moveset.

Luckily, the Pokémon GO community is already hard at work min maxing and trying to predict the best moves against Mewtwo. As expected, the fans are now creating helpful resources to study before the big fight.

Here’s a look at swgtips’ first guide to taking down Mewtwo

Pokemon GO: Best Movesets Against Mewtwo

No surprise here but, Tyranitar and a few of the other usual suspects are at the top of the list when facing off against Mewtwo. The guide breaks down which movesets will be most effective in this particular battle:

Tyranitar – Bite + Crunch or Stone Edge

Dragonite – Dragon Tail + Outrage, Dragon Claw, or Hurricane

Gengar – Any + Shadow Ball or Shadow Claw + Any

Bug Types – Bug Bite or Fury Cutter + X Scissor

After those top tier ‘mon, there is a list of acceptable alternatives to fill out the rest of the roster. In general, try your best to stick to powerful Bug, Ghost, and Dark types.

Exclusive Raids are due to start any day now and players are currently out trying to take down Battle Raids in all of the most popular gyms in their town or city. Niantic hasn’t revealed how rare the exclusive raids will be just yet, so it’s hard to predict how hard it will be to secure an invite or how many chances each trainer will have at catching Mewtwo. With that said, be sure to head in with your best team and master those excellent curveballs!

Good luck out there, trainers!