Pokémon GO: Better memory management

Niantic is testing a fix to prevent Pokémon GO spoofing and sniping

Pokémon GO was recently updated which brought some juicy leaks. Though, this is one of the minor implements. It’s still nice to see that Niantic is trying to make the game run smoothers for trainers.

We allow know that there has been some sort of loading issues, so hopefully, this helps it a little.

Remember how sometimes Pokémon would error out as you tapped on them? Maybe you best remember it by throwing a PokéBall, the game freezes, then it kicks you out of the encounter? Well, only time will tell, but those errors should no longer happen.

It’s possibly this was added to help with some of the other major updates that are supposed to happen this year. Overall, it should help with reducing severe stress when events or updates are released.

With that in mind, has anyone been keeping track of when the next major update should hit? Some theorize it will be this month! What do you think? Is it too soon, or just about right. Second generation was released on February 17th and we are now just one week away from it being 3 months.