Pokemon GO: Easily Win Battles And Conquer Gym Using Low Level Pokemon Without Using Too Much Resources?

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Trainers in the game “Pokemon GO” who have weak Pokemons can still be able to defeat their opponents. By following these tips, one can successfully win battles and fearlessly conquer Pokemon Gyms.

A Reddit user posted a new method that could be useful in defending a gym, the attack and retreat method. “Pokemon GO” players who attack a gym must retreat right after winning the first battle gym defender with 6000 prestige points and three Pokemon.

This kind of method will help you avoid facing the top Pokemon of the gym thrice and only attack both the weakest and strongest Pokemon twice. A chart has been provided by the Reddit user to understand more this Attack and Retreat method.

This method is said to only sacrifice 50XP bonus of the winning attacker an will definitely help those “Pokemon GO” players with lower level. Pokemon Go Association said that instead of wasting your potions and revives, this method also ensures that you only spend fewer resources in the battle.