Pokémon GO: Datamined code that reveals gym changes & raids are coming. Grass & Fire festival also possible

We are sorry, but we were wrong about redeemable code rewards

Pokémon GO players have been craving for more exciting features that should be added in the game. The recent Pokémon GO update 0.61 on Android and 1.31 on iOS only fixed some minor text issues.

But some players have data mined the patch and found some interesting data codes.

According to Forbes, the secret codes might be connected to Pokémon gyms or gym battles. The codes indicate a new warning system for Pokémon gym. The notification seems like it will let players know what is going on at the gym they have conquered.

But before the rumored gym raiding and new Co-op features, Niantic might first launch the Easter event. All the in-game events of Pokémon GO have been connected to the real-world holidays. It is both a standard operating procedure for MMO’s and as a useful extension of the game’s augmented reality premise.

After the recently held Water Festival event in Pokémon GO, some players are also speculating that there might be a grass and fire festivals soon. In the beginning of the game Pokémon GO offers a three starter Pokémon, namely Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle; which is representing fire, grass and water.

Niantic already launched its water festival and it stands to reason that players might see a grass and fire festival as well. Even though the water festival has ended, any player can still catch Shiny Magikarp and Gyarados in the wild. But catching a Shiny one is pretty slim, the capture rate for Shiny Magikarp is one in every 4,096 encounters.

If the leaked codes were true, players would look forward to a cooperative new social gameplay experience in Pokémon GO. According to a report from Pokémon GO Hub, Gym raiding might also arrive. Niantic hasn’t released any official statements regarding the leaks. But players are expecting the new features are coming to Pokémon GO this spring.