Pokemon GO: Why Ditto is important

Pokemon GO: Why Ditto Is Important

Ditto, amoung other Pokémon that aren’t commonly sought for has a bit more of a use than what you may think. Yes, Ditto can be a bit of a pain to find in Pokémon GO, but he might be worth it later on in the game.

What can it do that makes Ditto so important?

We know Ditto can be a bit of a pain to fight in gyms, but is often not used due to the fact it just isn’t very strong. It makes sense because it would be pointless to make a Pokémon that can turn into anything one of the strongest. But what other uses does Ditto have?

In the game series, Ditto is one of the most sought for Pokémon. More or less a shiny Ditto, but either way it still holds some importance. Ditto can be used to breed Pokémon that are obviously breedable. You can’t breed Legendary Pokémon with Ditto, but you can keep Ditto in the daycare when you are wanting to breed different types of Pokémon.

Breeding will more than likely be one of the major updates this year as it has already been talked about. Though, it is still uncertain. Trading was mentioned before the game was even released. Looking for a 90% or high IV rated Ditto might help breed Pokémon with high IVs. So don’t skip the Pokémon Ditto can be disguised as.