Pokémon GO: Have eggs become less common?

Pokemon GO: Have Eggs Become Less Common?

A while ago, trainers were able to keep their egg storage full. No matter how fast trainers could hatch their eggs they obtain, their storage always seemed to be full.

In fact there for a while, trainers were hoping for Niantic to add a way for them to be able to throw eggs away.

The egg drop chance was then brought down just a little which seemed to have fixed the problem for a bit. Then the Easter Event had happened. The easter event brought more than just 2km eggs. Trainers were able to get eggs, again faster than they could hatch them. Though, that was to be expected with the event.

After the event expired, though, trainers seem to be having a hard time finding any eggs. For those who don’t hatch them as fast as others, it’s not that big of a deal. However, for trainers who can hatch on average 15+ eggs a day, this seems to be a bit of a problem.

Eggs might of had their drop rates decreased, or could just be bugged. Either way, don’t expect the drop chances to stay this way. Niantic has increased and decreased them several times now. Even though, it’s probably preferable for eggs to drop more often than not.