Pokémon GO: Everything you need to know about Generation 3’s pseudo Legendaries

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As we all know that the release of Gen 3 is almost upon us. With each new generation, we get new legendary Pokémon and other normal ones.

However, among these normal ones there are certain Pokémon who stand out the most and are the closest thing to legendary Pokémon.

Gen 3 is no exception, most of you would know what the released Pokémon are gonna be. However, very few people would actually know the Pokémon that are actually worth putting the effort in. There are three Pokémon in that in the 3000 CP Club. They are Metagross, Salamence  and Aggron.


It is a Steel/Psychic type and its stats are:

160 HP, 160 Attack, 257, Defense 248 and CP 3644.

Now time for the Resistances. As we know that Steel and Psychic is a really good combo. Steel doesn’t have many weakness. Psychic do have some weaknesses but they compliment each other really well.

The resistance is .8x to Normal/Grass/Ice/Poison/Flying/Rock/Dragon/Steel/Fairy and .64x to Psychic

The weaknesses of Metagross are Fire/Ghost/Dark/Ground.
Metagross has the CP to outrank Dragonite, and with the right IVs could place above low IV Tyranitar as well. Also notable is that Metagross does not have a double weakness, unlike Dragonite and Tyranitar, and boasts a number of useful resistances due to its Steel typing.

Now despite the lack of a double weakness, Metagross still has plenty of vulnerabilities. One of the best Pokémon to STAB Metagross would be Houndoom because it is a Dark/Fire type. Both of which are effective against Metagross.


It is a Dragon/Flying type Pokémon. Its stats are:

HP 190, Attack 277, Defense 168 and CP 3532.
It is Resistant is .8x to Water/Fire/Bug/Ground/Fighting and it has a resistance of .64x against Grass.

However Salamance has more weakness when compared to Metagross. It is 1.25x weak to Fairy/Rock/Dragon. Also, Ice is super effective against it because of it being Dragon+Flying.

Salamence is basically just another Dragonite. It is 13% less durable than Dragonite, but has a 5% increase in its attack stat. Salamence will deal more damage with the same moveset, but can’t take as many hits as Dragonite in battle.