FastPokeMap Is Now In Closed Beta Testing Awaiting Release


‘Pokemon Go’ FastPokeMap Release, News & Updates: FastPokeMap Is Now In Closed Beta Testing Awaiting Release; Initial Run Successful In Scanning Rattata

“Pokemon Go” third party tracker FastPokeMap developer has reportedly started a closed beta test of the new hack system. The security hack is then suggested to be shared to third party developer community once the test is successful. However, FastPokeMap developer already cautioned “Pokemon Go” players that using the scanner is not legal.

“Pokemon Go” map scanner FastPokeMap is now expected to be released anytime soon. FastPokeMap developer posted on Discord that the hack has already started bypassing “Pokemon Go’s” security system. Though the developer revealed that the process is a bit tricky, they were still able to complete an initial scan that returned to be successful.

“Pokemon Go” creature Rattata was the first Pokemon to be scanned by the new FastPkeoMap. The developer advised that it is progressing well but he cannot promise to release it on Sunday night. FastPokeMap developer and his team are said to deliver the new tracker slowly to “Pokemon Go” players.