Pokémon GO: Fix authentication errors with this guide

If you’re one of those users who experienced authentication errors in Pokémon GO, then here’s an easy fix.

This error affected a lot of players, so we found a guide to help you go past it and enjoy your gaming experience:

  1. Check if your game is updated to the last version. If not, download it and see if the error reappears.
  2. Close all apps restart your smartphone and then restart your internet connection a few times. Try opening the game again.
  3. Delete game cache, uninstall it and reinstall it. Try opening it to see if it got fixed.

Other steps to check

  1. If you’re using iOS 9, then the error is not going to go away.
  2. Log out of the game and relog, accepting the terms of condition again.
  3. Connect to a smooth internet source, the error might be caused by this issue.
  4. If you tried everything, then just log into the game and wait for a bit, maybe other players are logging in and it’s too much traffic.
  5. Android users encountering this issue must check if they enabled the background data.

If you’ve tried everything and you won’t get past the error, then your account could have been banned.

Why do I get the ‘Unable to authenticate error’

There might be a few things which prevent you to play the game. Here’s a small list with the causes:

  1. You used third party hacks for the official game and got banned.
  2. Your smartphone is no longer compatible.
  3. You have a smartphone which has been jailbroken or rooted.
  4. The cause is technical and will be resolved in 2-3 days by the developers.