Pokémon GO: Forced patch temporarily fixes GPS spoofing issue

Pokemon GO Update: Forced Patch Temporarily Fixes GPS Spoofing Issue

One of the biggest issues that’s been bugging Pokemon GO players since its launch last year was that the game was rampant with cheaters. Since the game relies on the GPS for almost every activity, spoofers can use a few hacks to their advantage.

However, it seems like Niantic is already well on their way to stopping GPS spoofers with the recent Pokémon GO update.

A few players from the Pokémon GO community have pointed out that Niantic and Google are taking more precautionary measures to lessen the amount of spoofing in the game. One of those players posted on Reddit, reporting that many spoofers are outraged with what Niantic and Google have done to the game with a recent forced update.

“There is a local spoofing Facebook group, and currently they are (almost) all complaining about how they can’t ‘fly’ for Pokémon GO currently. It seems that the most recent forced update for iOS made it so that their spoofing app cannot work, and the Android update that works to stop GPS spoofing has started rolling out and locking out those players,” said Reddit user OneLastSpock.

In a similar case to Blizzard’s bans, players affected by the forced update are outraged. However, the other side of the Pokémon GO community are very happy to finally see Niantic’s steps to sort out the problem.

However, it’s worth noting that both companies are yet to solve the issue. Even more surprising, players who don’t get the update are being locked out. Jail broken phones are having a tough time with the latest update. With the recent forced Pokémon GO update, it’s good to see that Niantic is finally taking steps in the right direction.

A few months ago, Niantic CEO John Hanke said in an interview that the developer is looking to sort the spoofing issue along with a few other things coming to Pokémon GO. It marked a big interview as it was the first time that Niantic talked about GPS spoofing.

There’s no solid release date as to when GPS spoofing will be completely removed. However, Hanke notes that the fix to GPS spoofing is one of their big plans for this year. For now, at least we know that the GPS spoofing issue might be sorted out sooner rather than later.