Pokémon GO: Free PokéCoins now limited to 50 per day

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Pokémon GO‘s new gym system released earlier this week and players were shocked to find that they could no longer claim free PokéCoins – the game’s premium currency – from the Pokémon GO store.

Of course, as the Inquisitr has previously discussed, limiting or removing free PokéCoins was a change that needed to happen: Niantic has lost a lot of potential revenue both to hardcore players who never needed to buy a single coin to get what they want from the store and casual players disgruntled with a system which inspired those hardcore players to lock down gyms indefinitely with high-powered Pokémon (more on that later.)

For now, although many players are still disgruntled, all is not lost. With the new gym update, free Pokecoins have been tweaked, and in many ways made better: for every ten minutes one of your Pokemon defends a gym, you get one coin. But there’s a catch: according to The Express, free Pokecoins are now limited to 50 per day.


And if you're buying, Pokecoins don't come cheap.

While surely frustrating to hardcore players accustomed to a steady flow of coins with no real work invested, this actually comes as great news to casual players. In the previous versions of Pokémon GO, getting more than a pittance of coins a day generally required defeating multiple level 10 gyms solo, for those who didn’t play in a regular group. Typically, most casual players would only pick up 10 or 20 PokéCoins daily, if they got any at all.

But it’s a lot easier to keep a Pokémon in a gym for a few minutes and 50 coins top out at just over 8 hours. That’s between every gym you have a Pokémon on, and they’re a lot easier both to defeat and to deploy on after the update. Most players will actually see an increase in coins earned. That’s partly because gyms are far easier to capture now, and each Pokémon has to be unique to the gym: no more gyms full of top-tier Dragonites making play more agony than entertainment.

Of course, there’s still a catch. Pokémon GO‘s raid battles released to the general public recently, and each one requires a special pass to participate in. You get one for free every day, and you can only hold one at a time. Those new raids feature significant rewards, including loads of Rare Candies (which can be transformed into candy for any Pokémon) and special capture opportunities.

That said, you can participate in more than one raid a day – and you’ll want to – if you’re willing to unload 100 PokéCoins for the opportunity. Essentially, once every two days, you can play an extra raid battle for free.