Pokémon GO: Free PokéCoins scam targeting gullible players

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With so many players worldwide still playing Pokémon GO, it’s no wonder scammers are trying to benefit of their success as well.

According to trainers there is a website known as Pokegiveaway.us, which is targeting gullible Pokémon GO players who want to rapidly increase the PokéCoins.

It sounds too good to be true right? That’s because it is. According to this website the are “the first to reverse engineer the Pokémon GO API. All of the data is sent forward and backwards from our server, so you are safe and protected”.

However, after a number of players started checking out the results, they discovered that this is nothing but a scam.

“For research purposes, I followed the link to see what info they wanted you to provide. The site asks what device you are using, then how many coins you want to receive, then asks for your username (that’s when I stopped). Hopefully people are smart enough to not give out their info, but figured I would pass along a warning just in case.” Said a trainer on Reddit.

But it goes further, there are bots chatting with each other pretending to be normal humans with nicknames. We once typed in “JUICY PINEAPPLES” and the response was:

Awesomebanana: “Hope you like it”

Cudy8929: “It works”

Plunderyunny: “Ignore that guy”

Thekidnextdoor: “Thank you, I got my Pokecoins”

Me: Are you guys bots?” Continued another Pokémon GO players.

Most experienced gamers or internet users can see through these sort of scams, however, there are a number of younger and more gullible players who are a lot easier to fool.

So for those who are reading this, make sure you don’t fall for these scams as they could have a negative impact on your gaming, as well as other more serious life experiences.