Pokémon GO: Is the game fair for all players?

Tons of fans around the world have been playing the game since it released, most started late due to being from a geo-locked region or just ended up starting late.

These players that start late often have the impression that the game is a bit unfair for newer players.

Raids do offer some sort of balance though the new “Exclusive Raid” system for Mewtwo is going to make it harder for players who already struggle. The recent legendary bird raids were already pretty hard on these new players and with Mewtwo coming out a’lot of these newer players, if they are able to attend, are going to be relying on higher level players to carry them in raids.

Another feature of Pokémon GO that’s a bit unfair is the regional Pokémon that require trainers to travel in order to be able to obtain them. Players unable to travel may never have a chance to obtain them without special events. Though obviously most adventure games require skill and XP to compete, it’s understandable that Pokémon GO may turn into a more in depth strategy game once PvP is released.

Should Niantic adjust the game to make it more balanced for players who are behind those players that have had a head start or are already level 40? Let us know in the comment section.