Pokémon GO: The game joined Instagram

Pokemon GO Update: Nearly 50000 PokeStops Added Thanks To Niantic’s Ingress

Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company seem to be ramping up their marketing for the summer.

We’ve got kids clothing lines, exclusive toy licensing, and now Pokémon GO has made it to Instagram. Their fist Insta post was about the Adventure Week event that started today and that seems to be their only contribution to the social media site so far.

I get it, the kids love Pokémon GO and they also love Instagram, so why not combine them? It makes perfect sense from a marketing standpoint, but it’s also kind of hilarious when you consider that the game is basically built for Instagram. How many photos of Pokémon appearing in weird places have you seen on social media? Thousands, probably.

And yet, it’s taken them until now to get the game an official Instagram? Damn. Looks like someone needs to hire some more millennials.

This just seems to fall completely in line with early criticisms of the game. Many players were upset with the lack of communication between the dev team, support team, and the players. While the game shortly got itself Facebook and Twitter accounts, the damage was already done. And while we now have dedicated PoGO pages, and they’ve got a real reddit presence, it seems a little bit like this should have been thought of earlier.