Pokémon GO: The game has made $1.2 billion in revenue

Pokemon GO Has Made $1.2 Billion in Revenue

Pokémon GO has been nothing short of a massive success ever since its release last July, managing to hit revenue milestone after revenue milestone.

According to the latest financial data, the mega-popular mobile game has continued to make plenty of money and has now earned a whopping $1.2 billion in total revenue.

App intelligence company Apptopia crunched the latest financial numbers for Pokémon GO, and the result is continues to be staggering. Having earned a total of $950 million in total revenue in 2016, that number has since increased to $1.2 billion in 2017. Couple those revenue numbers with a total of 752 million downloads, and there’s little doubt that Pokémon GO remains a money-making behemoth.

The data also revealed that Pokémon GO had approximately 60 million monthly players in June, with about 20% of those players firing up the app at least once a day. This is a little lower than the 65 million monthly players reported back in March, and well down from the game’s peak of 100 million monthly players when it initially launched, but it is hard to deny that the game is still remains massively-popular around the world.

While the mobile app may no longer be the headline-generating game it was last year, especially after the backlash towards Pokémon GO for its then-relative lack of features, it certainly appears that the augmented reality title still has plenty of life left in it yet.