Pokémon GO: The game is being shamelessly ripped off by Garfield GO

When Pokémon GO released tons of trainers joked about how a Harry Potter GO or even a Digimon GO would be an amazing game to play.

Though none of us expected Garfield to try and create an AR game that replicates Pokémon GO.

The game doesn’t seem to be all that bad other than the horrible adventure music, and lack of features. On the plus side this game offers us some great bonuses for rewards such as free pizza or coupons.

Here’s how the makers of Garfield Go describe their work of art:

Garfield GO is now live! Garfield GO is a brand new augmented reality treasure hunt game, featuring everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving cat! If you enjoy playing Pokémon GO, Munzee or other location-based treasure hunting games, you’ll love Garfield GO! Here’s what sets our game apart from the others:

  • Millions of locations to find Prizes worth real money redeemable at Amazon, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza and more
  • Hundreds of Garfield comics to collect
  • Hats and other clothing items to change up Garfield’s look
  • Fun minigames to earn free food
  • Hilarious Garfield animations and voice recordings from Lorenzo Music, the original voice of Garfield

The fact that you find coupons for Domino’s Pizza instead of cute monsters makes sense, due to Garfields love for pizza.