Pokémon GO: Gen 3 evolution items?

We all know that the release of Gen 3 into the world of Pokémon GO in the cards now. Thanks to the latest developments from the GAME_MASTER file update that was recently uncovered.

Soon 73 new Pokémon families will be added to the game. We can’t say for sure, how long will it take for Gen 3’s official announcement. What we can say for sure is that, just like last time, there are certain species of Pokémon that are going to need new evolution items for them to evolve into stronger Pokémon.

Now with the introduction of Gen 2, we did get new evolution items added into the game, but certain obvious ones like the Elemental Stones that are needed for the evolution of Eevee never made it to the game, which is a little odd. At these point of time, there are speculations going on that Niantic will be adding all the new special evolution items in the game’s next updates, for us to collect via PokéStops.

Some of these evolution items are mentioned down below:

Water Stone: Lombre –> Ludicolo
Leaf Stone: Nuzleaf –> Shiftry
Moon Stone: Skitty –> Delcatty
Deep Sea Scale: Clamperl –> Gorebyss
Deep Sea Tooth: Clamperl –> Huntail
Prism Scale: Feebas –> Milotic

Taking the hints from few of the classic Pokémon games and from the animated series, it took some time for us, but we realized that the game has forgotten or skipped (maybe) to add the evolution items for Generation 1

There are many Generation 1 Pokemon who might need a special evolution item for them to evolve, down below are few a Pokémon who will be needing them.

Fire Stone: Vulpix –> Ninetales, Growlithe –>Arcanine, Eevee –> Flareon
Water Stone: Poliwhirl –> Poliwrath, Shellder –> Cloyster, Staryu –> Starmie, Eevee –> Vaporeon
Thunderstone: Pikachu –> Raichu, Eevee –> Jolteon
Leaf Stone: Gloom –> Vileplume, Weepinbell –> Victreebel, Exeggcute –> Exeggutor
Moon Stone: Nidorina –> Nidoqueen, Nidorino –> Nidoking, Clefairy –> Clefable,

Should they add these special evolution items in the game, to make it look like a classic Pokémon game? Well, personally we would love to see them implement such items in the game considering the future Generations to be added into the game.