Pokémon GO: New weather update will NOT affect Christmas 2017 event

Pokemon Go Gen 3 news: New Weather update will NOT affect Christmas 2017 event

The new Pokémon GO Gen 3 update included more than just Pocket Monsters from the Sapphire and Ruby games.

It also launched Niantic’s new Weather Effects feature, which provides boosted Pokémon with better stats and Stardust rewards, depending on what’s going in your area.

And the development team have provided a few more details on how this new system will, and won’t, affect the game moving forward.

When it comes to upcoming Pokemon Go events, it appears that Weather Effects will remain separate.

Niantic have told The Express that they will not be adding in any extra bonuses when it comes to seasonal events.

We were interested to find out if there was any appetite to maybe do something new with Weather Effects, perhaps providing a Winter Week to fans so that everyone could grab some specialised Pocket Monsters.

This would prove helpful to those who lived in areas with less cyclical weather patterns, but it’s not something that Niantic are looking into doing.

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