Pokémon GO: Generation 2 hype is real, baby Pokémon, Unown, Tyranitar, legendary birds and more!


From the mysterious Unown alphabet to Pokémon that can change landscape when enraged, Generation 2 is an emotional rollercoaster picking up right where Gen 1 ended. Let’s do this.

Baby Pokemon and pre-evolutions

We are getting some interesting additions to a number of familiar species, mostly in the form of new Baby Pokémon. Baby Pokémon are cute, small and still yield candy for interesting evolutions like Pikachu and Jiggly!

Here’s a complete list of Baby Pokémon coming in Generation II:


It’s also likely that Baby Pokémon will replace their current evolutions in Eggs, as it makes no sense to have both Pichu and Pikachu as possible Egg hatches. You can see how a Generation II egg chart looks like here.


Unown and puzzles

Ingress is big on puzzles and riddles. The Unown Species could be the perfect platform to introduce puzzles and some light riddles to Pokémon GO.

It’s the perfect mechanism for coding, especially when you remember that the core series already featured a similar concept with the Unown Report / Unown Mode!

Check this Unown Alphabet table and just imagine the possibilities:


We are not sure how Niantic would implement Unown collection, we speculate it’s gonna be a new medal or something along those lines, but it’s possible we will get a special page for Unowns.


Tyranitar, our Lord and Saviour

Ladies and gentlemen, step aside please, a new addition to God tier Pokemon is here. Meet Tyranitar and his Max CP of 3654. Absurd amounts of power, this is basically the Dragonite of Generation II.


With elite stats, incredible moves and crazy Dark and Rock typing, Tyranitar is going to be a blast. Also, let’s not forget he can transform landscape when he’s enraged!

Here’s what Bulbapedia says about him:

“If enraged, Tyranitar sets off outstanding earthquakes that can completely change the entire landscape, often forcing cartographers to draw up new maps. It lives in nests made from demolished mountains.”

That’s just crazy!


Ho-Oh and Lugia and more!

We’re in love with Lugia, Ho-Oh takes the second place in our hearts, but just a chance to witness them is going to be amazing. And Lugia, oh Lugia… who can forget Pokemon 2000: The Power of One. Also, the three lengendary dogs Entei, Raikou and Suicune + Celebi!