Pokémon GO: How to get ~30 Pokémon per incense instead of four or five

Pokémon GO’s hidden GAME_MASTER file explained

Want to actually find Pokémon with your incense in Pokémon GO? Tired of the boring five-Pokémon-spawn rate? We’ve got a few tips for you.

We’ve always had trouble using incense in Pokémon GO, because it seemed like no matter what we did, we couldn’t get more Pokémon to spawn from it. We’d get about 4-5 during the time the incense was up, even if we walked. This was despite being told that more Pokémon will appear if you’re moving. Not true at all! Or…more true than we thought?

A Reddit user NibblesMcGiblet has provided us with a look into the game’s code and exactly how incense works. The incense normally will spawn one Pokémon every five minutes for you when you have your incense on, unless you move a certain amount. It requires 200 meters or more in a 60-second period, meaning if you move at the right speed to activate the incense but not the “going too fast” block, you can get one Pokémon per minute while the incense is up.

The best way to do this? Either driving around 10 mph, or biking at about this speed. You can technically run that fast, but that might be reserved for those who have been running for awhile and are well-trained at it, as running at that speed for 30 minutes in the summer sun will likely be too much for most (certainly for us). If you go much faster than this, you’ll leave Pokémon behind as you travel and won’t be able to catch them.

It’s a weird balance to strike, and certainly a non-optimal one for the use of the item. But if you enjoy biking like we do and are tired of wasting incenses, bust out a Pokémon GO Plus and some incense and get riding. Or just don’t buy them, as this very specific way to use them seems like a waste of money except under the proper conditions.