Pokémon GO: Get ready for raids

Get Ready For Raids

Hello trainers, with the latest 0.63.1 update that Niantic just dropped, there are a bunch of cool of under the hood optimizations and improvements to make the game better.

As the Co-op feature and Gym update was most expected in the update but we got nothing in update but there’s too much inside the game.

Thanks to data mining, we now know that the following mechanics are part of the upcoming update in the game.

  1. Raid encounters will randomly take place in your local area.
  2. Pokémon will get hungry while fighting.
  3. Real time notifications will let you know that a raid is happening nearby.

It’s not very clear what effect will feeding your Pokémon have, but it is speculated that Pokémon hunger will be used to decay stagnant gyms. Interestingly, the “search gym” activity is also a mystery currently.

Also a new sub-update is seen in the game notification area. Real time alerts i.e nothing but push notifications which will be used to notify players that a raid is taking place nearby them. Same technology is used to alert Trainers about the status of their Pokémon.

Gym rework notifications

Notification Variant
Nearby raid is starting There’s a raid about to start near you!
A raid’s going to start nearby!
Nearby raid starting soon!
Pokémon won a battle {0} defended the Gym!
{0} was victorious in battle!
{0} has triumphed over your opponents!
Pokémon lost a battle {0} lost a battle!
{0} was defeated in battle!
{0} fainted at the Gym!
Gym removal {0} has fought hard and returned!
{0} is back after a hard battle!
{0} was forced off the Gym!
Pokémon is hungry {0} is hungry!
{0} needs a pick-me-up!
{0} wants a berry!

This is the list of notification which has been data mined by the miners. Which clearly indicates the new features that players would encounter in future update.